Platinum Sponsors

    • Dell Boomi

      About Dell Boomi

      Dell Boomi, now a part of Dell Software, delivers AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions to enable customers to connect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances, or coding. Organizations of all sizes, from growing companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration and master data management solutions. Visit www.boomi.com for more information.


Gold Sponsors

    • Adaptive

      About Adaptive

      Adaptive has been in the market for more than a decade providing comprehensive, extensible, scalable metadata repository products and services. These support a range of data management initiatives including data governance and stewardship, business glossary, model management, enterprise architecture and improving the quality of business intelligence solutions. Adaptive leverages industry standards to integrate the broadest set of metadata sources, and its powerful query and viewing capabilities provide quick and visual understanding of technology- and vendor-independent data lineage and impacts of change. Our customers benefit from increased common understanding between business and IT, confidence in business information, along with improved productivity.

    • CA Erwin

      About CA Erwin

      CA ERwin® Data Modeling helps manage your complex data environment -whether on-premise or in the Cloud. With CA ERwin, you can leverage information as a strategic asset and Visualize the Power of Your Data. CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is an IT management software and solutions company, enabling customers to manage and secure their IT environments and deliver flexible IT services.

    • Cambridge Semantics

      About Cambridge Semantics

      Cambridge Semantics is an innovative software company whose products enable Smart Enterprise Data Management (EDM), a breakthrough approach that makes data more usable, addressing problems of managing enterprise data. The Smart EDM approach simplifies enterprise data integration and access, reducing skills required, automating steps, and improving data quality. The Anzo Platform simplifies design, development, and deployment of reusable, Information Services, which are declared using a Common Conceptual Business Model (CCBM) containing governed business definitions of essential enterprise data. Smart Integration is one important feature of Smart EDM and refers to the use of the CCBM to develop data mappings and transformations that enable data exchange between systems. The benefits of Cambridge Semantics approach are proven by existing customers. Smart EDM delivers immediate benefits, but can be implemented gradually. The ROI increases as use expands. Smart EDM is a smarter, more sensible approach to data management, contributing to business agility, faster time-to-market, better data quality, and compliance.

    • Data Advantage Group

      About Data Advantage Group

      Data Advantage Group, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise information asset management software. Data Advantage Group's award-winning MetaCenter® Platform is considered the gold standard in meta data management solutions. It enables organizations to easily find, organize, and catalog information assets and to bridge the gap between business and IT communities. The MetaCenter Platform is used by leading companies around the world to deliver easy to use data governance, regulatory compliance, and metadata management solutions.

    • EnterpriseWeb

      About EnterpriseWeb

      EnterpriseWeb is a platform for ‘smart’ data-driven services, apps and processes. It enables real-time operational intelligence and predictive analytics for highly-responsive business solutions. The Platform features a schema-less repository where everything (structured and unstructured, data and code, local and federated) can be represented as loosely-coupled, indexed documents. It brings diverse and distributed enterprise systems together in a web of linked application resources. The design provides a Unified Object Model that enables interoperability and sharing across business and IT silos. In this way, EnterpriseWeb facilitates Master Data Management, centralized policy control and widespread code re-use. The Company has Partners and Customers on four continents. The logically multi-tenant platform supports Private on-premise, Public and Hybrid-Cloud deployments.

    • Global IDs

      About Global IDs

      Global IDs, based in Princeton, NJ, provides software for enterprise information management (EIM). Over the last 10 years, Global IDs has provided Data Management Software products to the world’s largest companies. Our core product, the Global IDs Master Data Governance Suite, addresses the core functional areas for managing enterprise information portfolios. Our software has been used in multiple industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom and Retail and leading analyst organizations including Gartner, Forrester and Bloor have recognized our unique capabilities.

    • Innovative Systems, Inc.

      About Innovative Systems, Inc.

      Innovative Systems, Inc. (ISI),is a global leader in the development and delivery of enterprise data management solutions to organizations whose success depends on a complete and accurate understanding of their customers. ISI provides high-performance technology solutions and expertise for MDM, Data Quality, Data Profiling, Data Governance, Address Validation/Geocoding, and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance, as well as specific-purpose business support applications to reduce credit losses, identify better prospects, improve customer service, better align service channels to customer value and better execute marketing and business intelligence projects.

    • Meta Integration

      About Meta Integration

      Meta Integration is the leading "Metadata Component Provider" to major database, data integration, business intelligence, repository, and modeling tool vendors. MITI has established itself as the "Switzerland of Metadata" as Lou Agosta, a Giga Information Group analyst expressed in a recent IdeaByte article. In 2005, Meta Integration received the Technology Partner Award Of The Year by Cognos, and DM Review's readers nominated Meta Integration as a company that provides total quality customer satisfaction in its December issue on Readership Merit Awards.

    • SAS

      About SAS

      SAS understands that data drives everything. We want to help you make sure it’s right. SAS® Data Management is based on data quality. It’s built on a unified platform and designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. When it comes to master data management, data integration, data quality and data governance, SAS can help you transform big data into big opportunities. Learn more and discover our free white papers, webinars and videos: SAS.com/data


Silver Sponsors

    • Accel BI

      About Accel BI

      Accel BI is award winning provider of high value integration and implementation services. We work with government and commercial clients to bring Simplified Integration As A Service(SiaaS), to business intelligence, data management, mobile and cloud based solutions, cyber security, and custom application development. Small yet established, we can provide the flexibility, agility, and support with Actian’s industry leading Actian Analytics Platform for big data analytics, business intelligence, integration to create transformational value.

    • ASG

      About ASG Software Solutions

      ASG Software Solutions is the leading provider of metadata-based Enterprise Information management (EIM) solutions for business and technical users. The ASG-Rochade® metadata management platform supports business users in understanding and accessing information for decision-making and governance, and IT professionals in implementing governance, and managing glossaries, data warehouses and reference data. ASG is a global software solutions provider that helps more than 85 percent of the world's largest companies drive business success by managing complex IT operations across distributed, mainframe, and cloud environments.

    • Ataccama

      About Ataccama

      Ataccama Corporation combines data quality, master data management, and data governance in a single technology platform ready for operational, analytical, and big data deployments.Leading financial, commercial, and government organizations choose Ataccama technologies for their proven ability to execute and deliver real business benefits. Gartner has positioned Ataccama as Visionaries in their Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools in 2013. Download our free data profiling tool or request a complimentary Big Data Test Drive.

    • Collibra

      About Collibra

      Collibra is a business-focused Data Governance software company. We provide the Data Steward organization with a technology platform that enables their activities.  The Data Governance Center comprises a suite of three integrated products: the ‘Business Semantics Glossary’, the ‘Reference Data Accelerator’ and the ‘Data Stewardship Manager’. We support key Data Governance requirements like Business Glossary, Data Directory, Reference Data Management, Policy Management, Data Quality issue management and dash boarding. Collibra is a Gartner Cool vendor.

    • Compact Solutions

      About Compact Solutions

      Compact Solutions provides innovative software and services for integrated metadata management, ETL testing automation and NoSQL data analytics solutions for Big Data environments. Metadata integration solution, MetaDexTM, provides seamless metadata integration between disparate platforms. Leading insurers, life sciences and technology companies have used MetaDex to understand complex business rules, transformation logic and reduce time to conduct impact analysis up to 90%. Batch testing automation solution, TestDriveTM, automates ETL testing tasks, dramatically reducing testing effort. Compared to mostly manual testing, this can significantly reduce time, cost, and errors in your ETL applications and help to deliver trusted information to your end users.

    • Embarcadero

      About Embarcadero

      Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning software tools for application developers and database professionals so they can design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless of their platform or programming language. Ninety of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide rely on Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify change management and compliance, and accelerate innovation. Additionally, Embarcadero's licensing innovations make software management and deployment easier. Founded in 1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located around the world. Embarcadero is online at www.embarcadero.com.

    • Melissa Data

      About Melissa Data

      Melissa Data provides multiplatform data quality solutions to validate, standardize, dedupe, geocode, and update U.S. and global contact data in real time or batch for your customer, Web, and enterprise data applications. Preview our new Contact Zone… an affordable data integration and data quality system that connects to virtually any database. It operates as the central hub for cleansing, enriching, and managing critical data assets used in data governance, BI and MDM initiatives. Stop by for free trials.

    • Morgan Kaufmann / Elsevier

      About Morgan Kaufmann / Elsevier

      Morgan Kaufmann, an imprint of Elsevier, publishes books for the data management researcher, student and professional, covering topics such as database design, DBMSs, database tuning, data modelling, data mining, data quality, SQL, XML, Web services, and management and integration issues. Our list of authors includes John Ladley, David Loshin, Peter Aiken, David Hay, Danette McGilvray, Bill Inmon, Bonnie O’Neil, Malcolm Chisholm, James Bean, and Dean Allemang. Please visit our booth to view our latest titles.

    • Phasic Systems Inc

      About Phasic Systems Inc.

      Phasic Systems Inc. provides Data Science solutions for accurate, common data for decision making, Business Intelligence, Big Data, common applications, and Data Governance. DataStar Data Normalization platform enables transformation, protects investments, and enhances agile development. DataStar is a single place for data models, canonical models, codes, system models to align, correlate, normalize. It ensures data (i.e. not just metadata) is as accurate, meaningful, and useful as possible while continuously adjusting to improve and add capability.


    • Saffron Technology

      About Saffron Technology

      @Saffrontech is a cognitive system which mimics how humans learn and think using similarity/analogy reasoning with associative memories and real time learning to determine contextual patterns to solve complex data analysis problems.  Cognition is about sense-making with context for faster time to insight to drive smarter decisions with better outcomes.


    • Sandhill Consultants

      About Sandhill Consultants

      Sandhill Consultants is an organization providing industry acclaimed Standards Based, Model Driven Enterprise Architecture and Design solutions, products, services, and training to business organizations around the world. Sandhill Consultants combines its deep technical product knowledge with unrivalled enterprise modeling expertise and an unmatched reputation as a trusted partner and advisor. Sandhill offers the accumulated knowledge, analytical insight, and enterprise architecture experience that enables businesses to effectively manage and govern enterprise information design cost and performance.

    • Semarchy

      About Semarchy

      Semarchy helps organizations rely upon and drive value from their consolidated master data across all their business domains. Semarchy Convergence platform is specifically designed to build customer or product 360 views, manage data quality and support governance. We handle fast-paced and iterative Master Data projects. We are Evolutionary MDM.

    • Splice Machine

      About Splice Machine

      Based in San Francisco, Splice Machine provides the real-time SQL-on-Hadoop database designed for Big Data applications. Our goal is to provide companies with a high-performance, massively scalable database for Big Data applications that doesn’t require you to compromise SQL support, secondary indexes, joins, and transactions. Splice Machine features a veteran team that has been a part of organizations such as Blue Martini, Zynga, NASA, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Red Pepper Software and Sun Microsystems.

    • X88 Software

      About X88 Software

      X88 Software is a leading Data Management software company. Our Pandora product is used by organisations across the world to carry out business-focussed Data Quality Management activities, driving business improvements, increasing profitability and lowering costs. X88 Pandora brings a step-change in Data Quality Management productivity thanks to its easy, quick and collaborative capabilities. There’s a free version of Pandora and we provide a Data Migration experts channel.


Additional Sponsors

    • Access Sciences

      About Access Sciences

      At Access Sciences, we know the SCIENCE of helping our clients ACCESS their information. Since 1985, Access Sciences, an employee-owned professional services firm, has enabled clients to make better business decisions and to become more compliant by making information findable, accessible, and usable, when, and for as long as needed. In just the past 5 years, Access Sciences has performed Information Architecture, Technology Integration, and Change Management project work for more than 100 clients in 15 countries and in over 20 different industries. With Access Sciences as your trusted partner, you can expect your information assets to work for you.

    • Adeptia

      About Adeptia

      Adeptia is the leading provider of integration solutions for the next generation, providing business data connectivity and integration solutions designed to empower business users and free-up IT. Adeptia’s code-free, unified and highly scalable platform combines data integration, application integration, B2B integration, and Business Process Management for collaboration, visibility, speed and ease-of-use.

    • Altilia

      About Altilia

      ALTILIA turns Big Data into Smart Data. With "MANTRA Smart Data Management Platform" ALTILIA allows companies to make sense of Big Data for getting faster and deeper business insights, better driving processes and making more informed decisions. MANTRA acquires, normalizes, integrates, manages and analyzes, in uniform way, structured and unstructured Web and enterprise Big Bata spread into a broad range of heterogeneous information sources. By a workflow-based semantic approach MANTRA transforms information flow into relevant, richer, and usable Smart Data. MANTRA is offered as a Hybrid Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) with an easy-to-use GUI and an extensive API.

    • Astera

      About Astera Software

      Astera Software develops high performance, complex data integration products across a broad spectrum of platforms. Through continuous innovation, Astera provides a unified, visual, and code-free environment for batch and real time usage scenarios that ensures rapid ROI and scalability to meet the most demanding integration jobs, as well as flexibility for infinite extensibility and deployment possibilities.


    • CozyRoc

      About CozyRoc

      We are the unfair advantage the big consulting companies don't want you to know about. We offer essential components for developing world-class ETL solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

    • DAMA

      About DAMA

      DAMA, The Data Management Association International, is a not-for-profit, vendor independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information resource management (IRM) and data resource management (DRM). The association is comprised of local and regional chapters around the world. DAMA's mission is to promote the understanding, development and practice of managing information and data as key enterprise assets.

    • DGPO

      About Data Governance Professional Organization

      The Data Governance Professionals Organization (DGPO) is a newly formed international non-profit, vendor neutral, association of business, IT and data professionals dedicated to advancing the discipline of data governance. The DGPO provides a forum that fosters discussion and networking for members and seeks to encourage, develop and advance the skills of members working in the data governance discipline.

    • Expert System

      About Expert System

      Expert System is the semantic software company that specializes in helping organizations gain insight and intelligence from information. The patented, award-winning Cogito® semantic technology is at the heart of all Expert System products, powering solutions that, by increasing effectiveness in acquiring, transforming and interpreting text-based information, unlock the value of big data for better decision making. Worldwide customers include Chevron, Eni Group, ANSA, Telecom Italia, Microsoft and Raytheon.

    • First San Francisco Partners

      About First San Francisco Partners

      First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) is a unique consulting firm that specializes in the definition and implementation of enterprise information management and big data strategies. FSFP helps organizations better govern, manage, integrate and share their critical information assets to ensure companies can maximize profits, reduce risks, increase operational efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

    • Gazzang

      About Gazzang

      Gazzang provides data security solutions and expertise to help enterprises protect sensitive information and maintain performance in big data and cloud environments. Our technology enables SaaS vendors, health care organizations, financial institutions, public sector agencies and more to meet regulatory compliance initiatives, secure personally identifiable information and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems.

    • IDMA - Insurance Data Management Association

      About IDMA

      IDMA is an independent, non-profit, professional association dedicated to increasing the level of professionalism, knowledge, and visibility of the insurance data management profession through education, research, best practices, and peer to peer networking. For more information, please visit www.IDMA.org .

    • Neo4j

      About Neo Technology

      Graphs are everywhere. From websites adding social capabilities to Telco's providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations are adopting graph databases as the best way to model and query connected data. Neo4j researchers have pioneered graph databases since 2000 and have been instrumental in bringing the power of the graph to numerous organizations worldwide, including 25 Global 2000 customers, such as Cisco, Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, and Telenor. Serving customers in production for over a decade, Neo4j is the world's leading graph database with the largest ecosystem of partners and tens of thousands of successful deployments.

    • Orchestra Networks

      About Orchestra Networks

      Orchestra Networks' multi-domain, model-driven Master Data Management (MDM) solution, EBX5, enables business and technology users to effectively manage and govern master and reference data. With EBX5 our customers are managing domains as diverse as Customer, Product, Supplier, Finance, HR, Classifications and Code Lists and more with a single, end-to-end solution.

    • Rand Secure Data

      About Rand Secure Data

      Rand Secure Data, a division of Rand Worldwide (OTCBB: RWWI), is a leading provider of data governance solutions that combine ultra-security and high-performance with simplicity, accessibility and affordability. Rand Secure Data offers industry leading data archiving, email archiving, backup and eDiscovery solutions that allow companies to simplify IT strategies, lower overall costs and free up resources without having to make any sacrifices in terms of functionality, security or control.

      As a division of Rand Worldwide, one of the world’s leading professional services and technology companies for the engineering community, Rand Secure Data has more than 30 years of experience developing and delivering technology solutions to customers and has offices throughout the United States and Canada.

    • SitScape

      About SitScape

      SitScape is an enterprise software company headquartered in Tyson’s Corner, Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C. SitScape was founded with a single vision to empower business and mission users to visually access and analyze data and information that matters to them at-a-glance, and naturally collaborate in their own situational context for effective decision making. SitScape delivers a powerful Web-based information intelligence and decision making software system for agile big data correlation, visualization and exploration; visual on-demand situational awareness; real-time contextual collaboration to the Enterprise and Mission/Remote Teams that is secure, flexible and very easy to use. This game-changing technology can drastically improve the agility, flexibility and adaptability of the overall business decision-making process.

    • TDAN

      About TDAN

      The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com) is an industry leading on-line publication for people interested in learning about data administration and data management disciplines & best practices. Each issue provides content from recognized experts as well as practitioners sharing their ideas, and addresses the most challenging issues of the day. The newsletter is published on a monthly basis by Robert S. Seiner of KIK Consulting & Educational Services (KIKConsulting.com).

    • TopQuadrant

      About TopQuadrant

      TopQuadrant’s standards-based, out-of-the box solutions enable organizations to evolve their information infrastructure into a semantic ecosystem, the foundation for intelligent business capabilities and integrated big data. As a result, data can be organized, shared and exchanged regardless of its structure, origin or location. For digital media companies, TopQuadrant solutions enrich search functionality, facilitate metadata management and improve content monetization. For life sciences companies, TopQuadrant solutions enable informed decision making and accelerate drug discovery by providing a unified view of multiple data sources. For more information, visit http://www.topquadrant.com.