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Our Program: Substance Attracts QUALITY

We accept only one in five speaking proposals, so our audience knows they’ll learn from the best speakers at our event

Substance Also Attracts QUANTITY

Because of our quality and value-intensive program, this event has established itself as the world’s most authoritative data management conference. More attendees for us means more qualified customers for you.

How are We Marketing the Event?

  • Extensive Email Campaigns to 110,000+ Mailing List

  • Partnerships with Industry Associations

  • Strong relationships with major data and IT publications

  • Extensive Social Media Campaigns

  • Specialized Promotional Programs

  • Marketing Partnerships

Our Audience Has a Budget

Most attendees pay over $1,500 to be at the conference. They are not free walk-ins looking for a t-shirt or “exhibition-only” types. They are serious buyers whose organizations understand the importance of spending money to make money.

Large organizations have budgets to spend on new initiatives and ongoing projects. Our audience comes mostly from Fortune 1000 companies and large government agencies—a large percentage come from industries that spend a lot on IT, including banking, insurance, energy, telecom, manufacturing, and pharma.

Our Attendees Are Not Only IT People; They’re Business Managers

Each year the percentage of attendees from the “business side” increases and now exceeds 30%. They join their colleagues from IT to collaborate and learn more about how to provide data-centric solutions to satisfy their business strategies.

Attendee Groups = Buying Teams

Over 40% of our attendees are part of a group of two or more people from the same company. Why would a company spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on registration fees and travel expenses to send five or ten people to a conference? Obviously, they have large projects underway. And this is not a guess—these participants have told us they attend specifically to compare vendors and learn from peers who have already completed similar projects.

Get face-to-face with Qualified Buyers

No sessions or other distractions compete for your customers’ attention during tradeshow hours. The floor is packed with individuals looking for solutions. The schedule also leaves your staff and employees free to attend sessions or network at the conference, or free to get other work done. It’s simple – when you are in your booth, you are busy. And the rest of the time is yours.

The opening Exhibits Reception is a can’t-miss event for every attendee. We provide food and a hosted bar. Your customers come to the show floor, and they stay there for the entire reception.

Turnkey Exhibits Make It Even Easier

We know that some of our exhibitors don’t have logistical support, or they’re simply too busy to worry about set-up. With the Convenience Package, we handle the legwork and ensure that the following items are waiting for you in your booth:

  • One draped table

  • Two chairs

  • Company name sign

  • Extensive Social Media Campaigns

  • Basic electrical connection

  • Lead retrieval scanner

If you would like information about sponsorship, or opportunities to promote your products and services, please contact:

Warwick Davies

Phone: (781) 354-0119