Included Videos


  • Big Data Visualizations Robert Abate
    And Other Duties As Assigned - Embracing New Roles to Grow in Your Enterprise Tom Bilcze
    Mixing ACID and BASE: Multiversion Concurrency Control and Late-Bound Schemas for Fun and Profit Jason Bloomberg
    MDM: Master Data Management or Massive Data Mistake? Jason Bloomberg
    Design Approach for a Data Sharing Environment Gene Boomer
    How to Identify the Right MDM Data Subject Area & Tooling to Start your MDM Initiative - Statoil Case Study Christopher Bradley
    Delivering Speed and Data Integrity in an Agile Environment – A Real World Case Study William Brooks, Hamilton Hayes, Marcie Barkin Goodwin
    Data Virtualization: Changing the Landscape of IT Without Moving Mountains Anne Buff
    Master Data as a Service Frank Cerwin
    Buy-In or Lose Out: Selling your Strategy to Executive Leaders Daniel Chaddock
    Achieving Data Privacy Governance– Best Practices Learned Gordon DeGrandis
    Conceptual Concepts, Take II Thomas Frisendal
    Cleaner Data at McDonald’s Sandy Georgas-Gait
    Couch Potato to 5K:  Growing Legs for Your Governance Program Sally Gerber
    DMBOK2: What’s In It? Led by: Deborah Henderson
    Natural Intelligence: A Cognitive Approach to Learning from Big Data Paul Hofmann, Walt Gall
    Applied Approach to Mastering a Data Domain Michael Jennings
    Panel Discussion: Metadata Governance Conundrum Led by: Ron Klein
    Self-Awareness in Data Quality David Kowalski
    Using Visualization & Mobility for Actionable Analytics Thiag Loganathan, Marty Dunham
    The Journey to Complete Global Customer Management Deeprani Srinivasan, Carrie Hedegore
    Joining the Dots - Mapping Expectations to Reality George McGeachie
    Business Architecture - Information Necessity! Michael Miller
    Introduction to Dell Boomi iPaaS (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service) Bryan Stevenson
    The Power of Narrative for Change: Telling Tales About Dirty Data and Impish Information Daragh O Brien
    KEYNOTE: Heroes, Villains and Data Peter Olson
    Data Management Career Paths Mehmet Orun
    Quintiles Multidomain MDM - Enabling Harmonized Information Insights John Poonnen
    Q-Tips - Quick Data Modeling Tool Tips Johnny Ray Gay
    Beyond Technology: Low-Tech Practices That Make or Break Enterprise Data Projects Marcia Rhode
    How to Turn Big Data into Smart Data and Make Sense Of It All Massimo Ruffolo
    The Road to Creating a Workable Enterprise Data Model Ivan Schotsmans
    Beyond Data Warehousing: How to Build Analytics Solutions on Top of Existing Data Warehouse Systems Nauman Sheikh
    KEYNOTE: Information Symphony - Music, Data and Meaning Philip Sheppard
    Achieving Sustainable Data Governance: Lessons Learned from the DGPO Led by: Len Silverston
    How Google Puts a Price on Data Quality Barbara Starr
    Case Study: Using Predictive Intelligence with Anticipatory Sensemaking Theresa Sutter
    The Role of Data Governance in the World of Big Data Kenneth Viciana
    The EIM Reference Architecture - A Journey to the Center of the Enterprise Luminita Vollmer
    Keynote Panel Discussion: Strategic Data Priorities K Waterman
    Hi My Name is... and I Love Data Missy Wittmann
    MDM Through Processes Rather Than Tools Ian Wood, Caren Noonan
    Lineage: A Necessity or Exaggerated Benefit Saad Yacu
    Understanding Information Governance Metadata Steven Zagoudis
    Taking Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Beyond Cloud Integration John Zur
    LIGHTNING TALK: Pie Charts Are Evil Glen Bell
    LIGHTNING TALK: Why Do We Number the Normal Forms Gordon Everest
    LIGHTNING TALK: Metadata Management for Agile Enterprise Architectures with Big Data & New Self-service BI John Friedrich
    LIGHTNING TALK: Data Privacy & Protection in a Big Data World Daragh O'Brien
    LIGHTNING TALK: Yet Another DataChick Rant Karen Lopez
    LIGHTNING TALK: Managing Data Quality! Mario Cantin
    LIGHTNING TALK: Agile Maser Data Management Mark Ouska
    LIGHTNING TALK: Ethics and Data: First, Do No Harm. Then What? Jaime Fitzgerald
    LIGHTNING TALK: Have Your (Data) Cake and Eat it Too Marty Loughlin
    LIGHTNING TALK: Choosing the Right Data Warehouse Modeling Strategy Based on your Business Needs: Kimball, Inmom, Data Vault Josh Bartels, Michael Lee

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