Fact or Fiction: Is it Possible to Empower Business Users to Perform Data and Application Integration to Free-up IT?
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  Andrew Griffin   Andrew W Griffin
Director of Marketing
Adeptia, Inc.


Monday, April 28, 2014
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The integration market is constantly evolving and the most recent trend has been towards the ‘consumerization of IT’. With outside influences such as “big data,” SaaS, mobile and cloud technology converging, business is now changing faster than IT can respond. As a result, companies are seeing both a pressing need and an opportunity to provide more self-service capabilities to their business users. Nearly three quarters of executives say that the consumerization of IT is a top priority.

We are told that the role of IT is shifting; IT is becoming a value-added broker for business. However, can business users truly be empowered to take on more responsibility? And is it possible for IT to facilitate this change without introducing undo risk? Join this session to discuss whether or not IT is able to define “walled gardens” for business users to perform basic integration tasks.

Andrew is the Director of Marketing at Adeptia and is responsible for leading Adeptia’s global marketing efforts to maximize incoming leads and increase exposure for Adeptia’s products, technology and brand.

Andrew has over 17 years of engineering and market development experience including managing IT, QA, engineering and product marketing. For over a decade at Cleo Communications, he was fundamentally involved in the development and implementation of strategic marketing programs. During this time, he managed launches for six new products, developed complimentary technology partnerships, and performed extensive market and technology research which transitioned Cleo from a leading vendor in bisynchronous point-to-point communications into a leading vendor in B2B internet communications.

Andrew has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Taylor University and a M.S.Ed. degree in Instructional Technology from Northern Illinois University.

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