Keynote Panel Discussion: Strategic Data Priorities
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  K Waterman   K Waterman
LawTechIntersect, LLC
  Michael Mitchell   Michael Mitchell
Director, Defence Business Management Program
Department of National Defence
  Robert Abate   Robert J. Abate
Global Director - Enterprise Data Management & Business Analytics
  Maria Villar   Maria C Villar
Global Vice President, Enterprise Data Management & Governance
SAP America, Inc.
  Justin Lindsey   Justin Lindsey


Thursday, May 1, 2014
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Now that we've just spent 4 days learning how to deploy world-class information management practices, how do we make them come to fruition back in the office? Everyone by now knows that the alignment of Data and Business management is a critical one, but how do you ensure the accomplishment of that goal effectively? It must start with alignment of strategy - that is, ensuring that the strategies put in place for your organization's data management capabilities are consistent with the strategic goals of the business. It seems obvious, and almost simple, but experience would suggest it is harder than that.

This panel of top executives will share their experience into what it takes to deliver on the promise of great data management. From analytics and Big Data, to governance and quality, whatever your organization's strategic priorities are for the next year, the panel will have insights for you.

K. Krasnow Waterman was a pioneering LegalTech professional, having first written about the legal implications of mosaic theory in 1989. She had separate careers in developing and managing technology and practicing and teaching law, before joining the two in 2001. She has served as a Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations executive, and Assistant General Counsel. She has held leadership roles at JPMorgan, Citigroup, and the FBI. She has been a senior advisor and consultant to DHS and MIT. And, she has owned, managed, and caused the launch of multiple ventures. She is sought after for work and advice in big data environments, new tech start-ups, and all manner of issues relating to implementing law and policy through technology as well as establishing and interpreting law and policy for technology. She regularly publishes and speaks on these topics.

Michael Mitchell is presently the Director of the Canadian National Defence Business Management Capability Transformation Program. The objective of this effort is to increase National Defence's enterprise business management capability which includes the development and application of enterprise architecture and data management programs. Michael served 23 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as an Army Officer and has spent the last eight years working at the strategic management level with National Defence. He has first-hand experience with capability-based planning, investment planning, and strategic change. In the last two years, he has been instrumental in articulating, setting the conditions, and executing sustainable strategic business transformation. For his work in these areas Michael was awarded the Deputy Minister and Chief of Defence Staff Innovation Award. Michael is also the President of the Ottawa Chapter of the International Data Management Association.

As a hands-on, accomplished Information Technology leader, Robert offers more than 28 years of experience in Architecture, Applications, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure, Outsourcing and IT strategy / management. He is credited as one of the first to publish on Services Oriented Architectures (1996), and a respected IT thought leader within the field. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, and is a Certified Business Intelligence Professional in four disciplines. Mr. Abate is a member of the faculty of The Data Warehousing Institute [] and DAMA [] and is a respected author and keynote speaker at global conferences. Mr. Abate frequently can be heard giving webinars on topics such as "The Convergence Of SOA & BI,” “Best Practices In Enterprise Information Management,” and “SOA / BI Market Trends.”

Maria drives SAP's internal master data governance program. She is responsible for driving the strategy, roadmap, processes and governance activities. Maria joined SAP in 2009 following a long career as a respected practitioner, author, trainer and consultant in helping major companies build and execute enterprise strategies in Enterprise Information Management.

Justin Lindsey leads The Center for Applied Analytics (TAAC). Previously he served as the Head of Strategic Development for Research for Bridgewater, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. Before Bridgewater, he served as CTO of Netezza, where his team designed and created the world’s leading, massively parallel, analytics platform for advanced big data analytics. Prior to that, Justin served as Chief Technology Officer for the FBI, where he helped shape the agency’s technology and analytic capabilities post-9/11, and then served as CTO for the US Department of Justice. Earlier in his career, Justin led Hewlett Packard’s Advanced Solution Lab. Justin holds three degrees from MIT: an S.B. and M. Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and an MBA.

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