How to Turn Big Data into Smart Data and Make Sense Of It All
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  Massimo Ruffolo   Massimo Ruffolo


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
03:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Level:  Introductory

Big Data architectures are the rage to give organizations the ability to access broader and more complex data sets with more flexibility. But simply joining, consolidating and managing these volumes of data is not enough. Businesses need technologies capable to face issues rising from data volume, variety and information sources heterogeneity.

In this talk, ALTILIA will present MANTRA, its semantic workflow-based hybrid-cloud Smart Data Management Platform as a Service that turns Big Data into Smart Data. MANTRA enables to design and execute Contextual Processing Workflows that allow collecting, integrating, managing and analyzing Big Data by APPs providing:

  • Advanced crawling and information extraction capabilities for web information sources.
  • Intelligent data capture functionalities for electronic documents.
  • Advanced data access and acquisition capabilities for structured and semi-structured information sources.
  • Connection facilities most diffused applications.
  • Data normalization and Smart ETL capabilities founded on semantic approaches.
  • Data virtualizzation facilities.
  • Advanced analytical algorithms for smart data.

The MANTRA platform can be used for reducing time and costs in implementing Smart Data projects by:

  • an easy-to-use and intuitive API that simplifies developer’s work in embedding MANTRA APPs, Contextual Processing Workflows and Smart Data into end-user solutions and applications.
  • a point-and-click GUI that enables business-users to visually and rapidly design and execute, accurate and high-performance APPs workflows.

Attendees will learn How ALTILIA customers uses MANTRA for:

  • Monitoring, gathering, integrating and annotating contents of social and on-line media for automatic content management, e.g. to discover technological innovations in specific ICT areas and promoting the adoption of such innovations in its operational and marketing business processes.
  • Automatic form filling and database population by automatic data capture from electronic documents.
  • Gathering data from social and on-line media, and integrating them with ERP and CRM data for: automating data-driven marketing tasks, performing brand and products perception analysis, creating integrated repositories of all structured and unstructured customer data coming from web and enterprise sources.
  • Creating a web intelligence application for cyber security capable to monitor the web, gather contents from disparate sources, and analyze contents in order to discover threats and cyber attacks to information technology infrastructures.
  • Gathering products sold in e-commerce web sites for creating and integrated product taxonomy that enables extensive product and price intelligence activities.
  • Integrating and semantifying very huge amount of spatial, social, weather, pollution, street and telephone traffic data related to a city for predicting persons behavior in using city services

Massimo is CTO of, researcher of the Italian National Research Council, and subject matter expert in knowledge management, semantic technologies, business intelligence, analytics, information extraction, web wrapping, knowledge representation and reasoning, natural language processing. Massimo is a serial entrepreneur, with more than 15 years of experience, as co-founder of academic spin-off companies and start-ups operating in the fields of knowledge management and semantic technologies. He is author of many scientific papers appeared in books, international conferences proceedings and journals belonging to the computer science field.

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