Fast-Tracking EDM with the Data Management Maturity Model
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  Melanie Mecca   Melanie A. Mecca
Director of Data Management Products and Services
CMMI Institute
  Luisa Recalcati   Luisa Recalcati
Enterprise Architect


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The Data Management Maturity Model is a comprehensive benchmarking framework that allows an organization - IT, data management, and lines of business - to precisely evaluate its current state data management capabilities and quickly discover gaps to remediate and strengths to leverage.

The DMM assessment method reveals priorities, business needs, and a clear, rapid path for process improvements. Following a brief introduction to the DMM, [brief introduction to the DMM, Microsoft Corporation will share why] will share why they selected the DMM, the value gained from the assessment, and the use of the results to develop their corporate Information Management Strategy and Capability Enablement Plan.

Ms. Mecca, CMMI Institute’s Director of Data Management Products and Services, led development of the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model. Her team created a business-centric method for assessing an organization’s capabilities via the DMM, and she leads Assessments for organizations in multiple industries. She directed creation of the Building EDM Capabilities, Mastering EDM Capabilities, and Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) courses leading to the EDME certification. In her 30+ years solving enterprise data challenges, Ms. Mecca advocates measuring data management capabilities as the quickest path to business value, and is devoted to empowering our industry through data management education.

Luisa Recalcati is a technology executive with proven success directing high profile programs. Experienced in Data Management and Enterprise Architecture, Web Application, CRM, Asset Reusability, transaction processing, E-commerce, and Advanced Metadata Repository. She has a consistent history of developing innovative solutions that enable business growth. She is experienced at leading top-performing teams in application and system integration, design, and development. She joined Microsoft in 2007 and currently works in the Microsoft IT department as an Enterprise Architect. In this capacity she leads the Integrated Data Management initiative, to match business velocity by providing a fast and consistent view of Microsoft core data across businesses. She drove the integrated data management capability strategy and execution plans by leveraging the Data Management Maturity Model Assessment.

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