Design Approach for a Data Sharing Environment
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  Gene Boomer   Gene Boomer
Director – Data Strategy, Architecture & Delivery
CNO Financial Group, Inc.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

This is a case study based on our experience implementing a data sharing environment which provided us with the ability to effectively share data assets across the enterprise.

We will review the common data model patterns we designed and how we utilized them within our hub-n-spoke architecture. We will also discuss how our implementation aligns with the design of a Data vault, the similarities and the differences of that particular approach.

Topics of discussion:

  • Why Data Sharing - the impetus for establishing such an environment
  • Common Model - our approach for data integration and data asset sharing
  • Comparison with Data Vault - the similarities and the differences of the data patterns
  • Numbers and Such - utilization metrics of our environment and future plans

Please join us for this discussion which hopefully provides insight into our approach on effective sharing of data assets across the enterprise.

Gene Boomer has 20+ years of experience within IT with a specific focus on Data Strategy and Architecture for the past 15+ years. Many of those years were as a Consultant working for various Fortune 500 companies with the last few working as an employee for companies within the Financial/Insurance industry. Currently the Director of Data Strategy at CNO Financial Group, Gene was brought in to help establish an Enterprise Data Strategy and lead a number of data initiatives as CNO focuses on effective utilization of their data assets across various business areas within the company. Gene is a founding member and current President of DAMA Indiana, an affiliate of DAMA International, based in Indianapolis. Gene holds a BS degree in Computer & Information Sciences from The Ohio State University and is CDMP (Mastery Level) certified.

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