Agile Data Warehouse Modeling: Introduction to Data Vault Data Modeling
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  Kent Graziano   Kent Graziano
Senior Technical Evangelist
Snowflake Computing


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Data Vault Data Modeling is an agile data modeling technique for designing highly flexible, scalable, and adaptable data structures for enterprise data warehouse repositories. It is a hybrid approach using the best of 3NF and dimensional modeling.

It is not a replacement for star schema data marts (and should not be used as such). This approach has been used in projects around the world (Europe, Australia, USA) for the last 10 years but is still not widely known or understood.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide attendees with a detailed introduction to the components of the Data Vault Data Model, what they are for and how to build them. The examples will give attendees the basics for how to build, and design structures incrementally, without constant refactoring, when using the Data Vault modeling technique.

This technique works well for:

  • Building the Enterprise Data Warehouse repository in a CIF architecture.
  • Building a Persistent Staging Area (PSA) in a Kimball Bus Architecture.
  • Building your data model incrementally, one sprint at a time, using a repeatable technique.
  • Providing a model that is easily extensible without need to re-engineer existing structure or load processes.

Kent Graziano is a Senior Technical Evangelist with Snowflake Computing and the author of The Data Warrior blog ( He is a certified Data Vault Master (CDVP2), Oracle ACE Director, former member of the Boulder BI Brain Trust (#BBBT), expert data modeler and architect with over 30 years of experience, including 25 years doing data warehousing with multiple architectures. Kent is an award winning speaker and author having written numerous articles, and has done over 100 presentations, nationally and internationally. He is a co-author of four books including "The Data Model Resource Book" (1st Edition) and "Supercharge Your Data Warehouse." He now has several ebooks on Kindle including "A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews." You can follow Kent on his blog and twitter @kentgraziano.

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