Tell Me Again, How Should I Start with Metadata Management?
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  Ian Rowlands   Ian Rowlands
Vice President of Product Marketing
ASG Technologies


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Introductory

One of the great things about EDW is that each year new people join the Data Management community, and bring new perspectives to the challenges we all work with. At the same time, there are some questions that are re-raised very year, as the pool of talent is refreshed! One is "How should I start with metadata management?"

Initial metadata management projects often founder because they are wrongly scoped, wrongly structured, poorly justified or based on unverified assumptions. Drawing on many years of experience, Ian Rowlands, ASG's VP of Product Management for metadata solutions will walk through 10 "Best Practices" that have proved their worth in creating early success, with a focus on how each one contributes to project value, or cost reduction.

He will focus on:

  • Justifying metadata management
  • Managing your stakeholders
  • Scoping a project
  • Marketing your solution
  • Managing for sustainability
  • Working with vendors

As Vice President of Product Marketing, Ian Rowlands is responsible for the communication of ASG's metadata-management based solutions. He manages and participates in product launch and delivery plans and creation and management of partner relationships. He was previously VP of Metadata Development and VP for Product Management. Before ASG, Rowlands was Director of Indirect Channels for Viasoft, a leading EAM vendor (acquired by ASG), owning relationships with partners outside North America. Rowlands has worked extensively in metadata management, IT systems and financial management, and presented at conferences worldwide, including DAMA and CMG. Rowlands has many years of experience in applications design and development, has managed ADABAS, IDMS, and DB2 databases and designed systems to run on a variety of hardware and operating systems. Originally from the U.K., Rowlands is a Chartered IT Professional and standing member of the British Computer Society.

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