Driving Market Responsiveness and Profitability Through Delivery of Authoritative Assets
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  William Pawlowski   William A Pawlowski
Lead Technical Architect
American Express


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Advanced

Large, multi-national corporations have significant issues being responsive to today's market demands. Applications have been developed to solve one problem; data is replicated rather than being used in place; the silos that these approaches have created inhibit not only business integration but severely slow the business' ability to respond to its customers.

This case study describes an effective approach to reach across application silos to integrate data, define data in terms meaningful to the business, reduce data redundancy, and provide assets that expedite solution delivery. These assets provide easily consumed architectural building blocks that support a solution assembly orientation.

In this presentation you will learn how:

  • Business entities are mastered
  • Authoritative data stores are identified, and aligned to the mastered business entity
  • SOA services provide the consistent data access mechanism
  • These building blocks expedite solution delivery
  • These building blocks deliver on the promise of enterprise data integration.

Bill is the Lead Technical Architect for the Enterprise Data Management initiative at American Express, and the VP of Programs for DAMA Phoenix. His responsibilities include implementation of architectural frameworks for data definition, construction of authoritative data stores, and delivery of easily consumable services for cross-application use.

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