Data Governance for Reference Data
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  Bonnie O'Neil   Bonnie O'Neil
Data Architect
  Lowell Fryman   Lowell Fryman
Aspen Information Solutions


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Nobody wants to own reference data; it often crosses lines of business, or is imposed upon the business by external sources such as regulatory agencies. It is so often seen as an unwanted stepchild and is usually left behind.

This talk describes common symptoms of lack of reference data management:

  • What to watch for, and the remedies for a cure.
  • Natural Entry Points: how to take advantage of events in the business.
  • What to do when reference data crosses Lines of Business
  • Dealing with Regulatory Bodies: Various ways to connect
  • Creating new ways of informal governance for reference data

Bonnie O'Neil is a Data Architect with EngagePoint, and is an internationally recognized expert on data management. She is involved with all aspects of data architecture, including data quality, glossaries, business metadata, data modeling, data governance, business rules and semantics. She is a regular speaker at many conferences such as DAMA/Enterprise Data World, IDQ and Data Governance. She was the keynote speaker at an international conference on Data Quality in South Africa. She has been involved in strategic data management projects in both Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. She is the author of three books, her most recent is entitled Business Metadata, and over 40 articles and technical white papers.

Lowell Fryman has been an independent consultant for over two decades. He is recognized as a leader in metadata, enterprise consolidation/integration, business intelligence, quality and governance, having hands-on experience with over 80 business intelligence implementations. He is the Industry Expert for the Business Glossary channel on the B-eye-Network, Lowell is a co-author of the book “Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge”. Lowell is the past President of DAMA-Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) and an active speaker at international conferences. Lowell has developed technology best practice courses and trained thousands of professionals in data warehousing and ETL architecture, data architecture and data quality, as well as enterprise application integration. Recently he has lead teams in the implementation of Data Vault Architecture, business glossary applications, and data governance for major international corporations. Lowell holds both the CBIP and CDMP certifications from ICCP.

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