Delivering Speed and Data Integrity in an Agile Environment – A Real World Case Study
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  William Brooks   William Brooks
Chief Data Architect
  Hamilton Hayes   Hamilton Hayes
Senior Consultant
Sandhill Consultants Ltd.
  Marcie Barkin Goodwin   Marcie Barkin Goodwin
President / CEO
Axis Software Designs


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

This session will provide a real life case study on how we solved the challenge of enhancing data integrity in the context of rapid, iterative applications development. Several critical factors had to be addressed to meet the challenges of creating a new corporate paradigm. These challenges included how the Agile development methodology integrated with the Data Architecture requirements.

To overcome these challenges, a globally accessible foundation of standards, templates and best practices was implemented as well as a redefinition of the development community’s roles and skills was accomplished. This presentation discusses how significant cost savings and performance improvements were identified and achieved.

Key guideline points and a suggested roadmap for the implementation of a foundation of knowledge and best practices will be provided to audience members facing similar challenges.

  • Essential Data Architecture artifacts within an Agile Methodology
  • The ‘Generalizing Specialist’ - Expanding data architecture skills in the development community
  • Cross-functional execution in the Agile development methodology
  • Globally accessible standards and templates: building a solid foundation of knowledge
  • The Art of Letting Go: Being an effective Data Architect in an Agile environment

Bill Brooks has been modeling, managing, and integrating data since 1995, beginning at CID Associates developing application databases, then at Children's Hospital Boston as manager of the Decision Support Systems Group. He managed data integration before becoming Enterprise Data Architect for MFS Investment Management. Bill is now Global Chief Data Architect at Mercer, where he is developing a firm-wide data architecture practice.

Bill's background includes traditional relational database design, data warehouse design and implementation, and enterprise application integration using a variety of ETL, message broker, and service bus approaches, and he has recently focused on building Data Architecture capabilities and driving big data and advanced analytics programs.

Hamilton Hayes is an Enterprise Architect and Data Scientist for Sandhill Consultants Ltd. Over time, Ham has led the development of Sandhill Consultants' product and services offerings in the areas of data design standardization, enterprise modeling standards and data governance. He is a principle architect of Sandhill's Enterprise Modeling framework, EM-SOS! He has provided his extensive expertise in information, process and enterprise modeling to numerous major North American corporations and government agencies. Ham has authored articles, provided training and delivered presentations to industry groups on enterprise modeling, standards and best practices and their role in improving performance. The focus of his consulting and teaching has helped enterprises and corporations bridge the space between technical modeling and business success. He is also researcher in modeling, using data and process modeling products to model non-linear social interactions.

Marcie Barkin Goodwin is the CEO of Axis Software Designs, a Model Management Services and Education company specializing in modeling environments, their infrastructures, and the fostering of communication to ensure successful projects. Founding her company in 1989, she has specialized in model management services for over 20 years. Ms. Goodwin’s consulting expertise includes data governance as well as the creation of customized enterprise modeling standards, procedures and best practices for the management of iterative development and shared data environments. Ms. Goodwin is the Chief Enterprise Architect of ‘EM SOS!’™ (Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards) offered in conjunction with Sandhill Consultants. Axis offers Model Management Assessments and infrastructure consulting services to assist companies in evaluating, developing and implementing successful modeling environments. Axis is a trusted CA Services Partner. Ms. Goodwin’s quick wit, engaging personality, and vast ‘hands-on’ experience make her a highly entertaining, as well as informative speaker.

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