AM4: Extreme Scoping: An Agile Approach to Enterprise-Class Data Integration Projects
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  Larissa Moss   Larissa T Moss
Method Focus Inc.


Monday, April 28, 2014
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Introductory

There is unanimous agreement among agile authors, experts, and practitioners that agile development works for building small stand-alone systems.

However, there is considerable disagreement among the experts whether agile can work for large, complex systems like an enterprise-class data warehouse, which requires an enterprise perspective for activities like data standardization, data integration, enterprise data modeling, business rules ratification, coordinated data staging, common metadata, collectively architected databases, and so on.

Today’s popular agile methodologies (Scrum, XP) were not designed to address any of these data integration complexities.

The Extreme Scoping™ approach presented in this session is an alternative data-focused agile methodology, which merges most agile principles with a robust data-driven methodology that includes all the data management activities so crucial for enterprise-class data integration solutions.

The main topics of this tutorial are:

  • Agile principles that work for data integration projects
  • Agile principles that don’t work for data integration projects
  • Agile BI versus agile enterprise-class DW
  • Extreme Scoping™ 7-Step planning process
  • Agile on the BI maturity model

Larissa Moss is founder and president of Method Focus Inc. During her 33 years of IT experience, she has focused on data management, data warehousing, and business intelligence. She frequently speaks at TDWI, DAMA, IQ, and Teradata Partners conferences in the US and Europe on the topics of data warehousing, business intelligence, data governance, and master data management. She co/authored the books Data Warehouse Project Management, Impossible Data Warehouse Situations, Business Intelligence Roadmap, Data Strategy and Extreme Scoping™: An Agile Approach to EDW/BI. Her articles are published in Cutter IT Journal, Teradata Magazine, EIMI Magazine, TDWI BI Journal and Flash Point. Her present and past associations include Teradata's Third Party Influencers, IBM Gold Group, Cutter Consortium, TDWI, DAMA LA, Relational Institute, Codd & Date Consulting Group. She has been lecturing for Cutter, TDWI, MISTI, PESG, and TT Italy. Email:

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