Bringing Together Data Models and Document Metadata for Better Solution Design
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  Mike Grosvenor   Mike Grosvenor
Technology Manager
Access Sciences Corp.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

We often see a disconnection between conceptual and logical data models when the former represents the business, and the latter, the system. We can take the metadata from shared documents* and bridge the gaps between them.

*Note: the term 'documents' is used here to mean any records or electronic content, including spreadsheets and reports attached to email or stored in shared repositories

The key is to identify activities that characterize the core entities in an organization. The metadata associated with them illustrates relationships and hierarchies that inform logical data models, which benefit projects.

So, a well-designed and executed document management strategy can also be a tool for improving systems based on business priorities.

Key points:

  • Spreadsheets and other docs contain valuable metadata on business processes.
  • Document sharing and stewardship illuminates use cases for system analysis and design.
  • Metadata can be used to update or fill gaps between conceptual and logical models.
  • Accurate models improve planning and streamline development projects.
  • This approach provides additional return on investment for Content Management.

Mike Grosvenor is a Technology Manager with Access Sciences in Houston, Texas. He has been working in data management and analysis for 20 years, with experience in a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare and government. Mike has been a project manager and data modeler in support of Business Intelligence initiatives, focusing more recently on metadata governance. He earned a BS in Mathematical Sciences from Southern Methodist University.

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