Zero-Latency Analytics with NoSQL
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  Joe Caserta   Joe Caserta
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Businesses are generating and ingesting an unprecedented volume of data to be analyzed. Needed is a scalable infrastructure that processes and parses extremely high volume in real-time and calculate aggregations and statistics - look at banking trade data, where volumes can exceed billions of messages a day.

Firms are approaching 'the wall' in terms of scalability with relational databases, and must stop imposing relational structure on analytics data and map raw trade data to a data model in memory or low latency, preserve the mapped data to disk, and handle ad-hoc data requests for data analytics.

A scalable solution of this magnitude requires the 'Big Data' paradigm with a NoSQL database.

Four challenges:

  • Volume - process more data while retaining historic data trending analysis.
  • Variety - deal with more sources -- trade data, messages, web logs, machine logs, geo tags and custom tags. The scope of trade data includes unstructured, semi-structured and multi-structured data.
  • Velocity - unprecedented throughput is required as we support and/or produce financial fraud sensors, early warning sensors, etc.
  • Vitality - provide a secure, persistent data store, while offering the agility in order to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Joe discusses these challenges, and introduces NoSQL databases, describing how they are capable of scaling far beyond relational databases while maintaining performance.

He then shares a real-world case study that details the architecture and technologies needed to ingest high-volume data for real-time analytics along with a step-by-step overview to help the DAMA conference participants determine the best products in the flooded Big Data market.

Joe Caserta - President and CEO As a veteran solution provider and co-author of the industry best seller 'The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit,' Joe Caserta works with clients to build solutions for businesses and organizations in the Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Education and eCommerce fields. He is dedicated to providing big data, data warehousing, and business intelligence consulting and education services to help these businesses realize the value in their data and to gain new business insights for competitive strength. Joe is an often-published industry thought leader whose methods are innovative and creative. Many of his solutions have been published in industry magazines as he continuously sets new standards in the field.

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