Agile Data Architecture in Practice - Cheaper, Faster, Better
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  Mark Ouska   Mark Ouska
Enterprise Agile Data Strategist
Thought Magic, LLC


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Couched in the principles set forth in the Agile Manifesto, adapted for Data Architecture, this presentation identifies how to consistently produce business-driven results.

It begins by identifying the elements required to set the stage for success, looks at how to quickly set the baseline for business information concepts, and identifies how to integrate the information enlightenment gained in this approach with traditional, agile and package deployment development efforts.

The presentation will follow this framework:

  1. Gather
    • Identify the business drivers and support
    • Plan business, information & systems architecture
  2. Evolve
    • Codify future vision & legacy
    • Architect bridge from the past to the future
  3. Consume
    • Launch capability development with carry-forward artifacts
    • Reuse, refine & redeploy

Enterprise Agile Data Strategist with nearly 30 years of professional information management experience in Enterprise Business Data Architecture. Enterprise Data Strategy expert focused on data leadership and enterprise information management strategy development. Demonstrated success recruiting key cross-functional business segments to participate in accurate technical articulation and execution of business data goals and objectives. Proven expertise extracting business data requirements, developing relationships, and evolving models that execute the enterprise data vision. Public and private-sector leadership experience implementing solutions that are willingly adopted by technical staff, critical business leadership and championed by VP and C-Level constituents. Experience in multiple industries including Pharmaceutical Research, Retail, Health Care, Financial Services, Consulting, Criminal Justice, Insurance, Natural Resources, Petrochemicals, and Software Development.

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