Implementing the Theory of Data Warehouse with ODS - A Case Study: Practical Approach of Data Warehousing
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  Yoshihiko Hoshi   Yoshihiko Hoshi
Hitachi Solutions East Japan
  Hiroshi Yagishita   Hiroshi Yagishita
System Modeler
Future Modeling Technologies


Thursday, May 1, 2014
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

It has been a long time since the Data Warehousing was practically applied to real business application industries several years ago. Since then, many excellent accomplishments has been made thanks to significant contribution by pioneers in the field such as Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball.

We've been concerned about and struggled with how to implement the theoretical methodology to the practical business application, and we eventually reached at an adequate level we expected. Now, we're confident that we can provide all of the processes of Data Warehousing project lifecycle, from requirement analysis to final implementation, including logical data modeling, physical data modeling and ETL development.

In this session, we'd like to present not only the practical approach of Data Warehousing implementation but also the capability to sell much more products using its unique campaign system by showing an example of a particular Japanese Consumer Packaged Goods and Cosmetics Company.

This presentation is a case study of Data Warehousing implementation which covers the following points:

  • A case study of introducing whole Data Warehouse System in retail business.
  • A case study that includes applying detailed implementing methods on the underlying standard methodologies.
  • Through this presentation, the audience will be able to see a specific example of how Data Warehousing project will proceed.
  • The audience also will be able to have a new understanding of implementing Data Warehouse System in the practical business field.
  • Reporting the whole practical Data Warehousing Approach with a concrete example, from Far East of Asia.

Over 30 years of System Development, particularly Data Centric Solutions,especially in financial and retail business area. Currently working in a solution company of Hitachi group in Japan, as a Data Modeling (including Data Warehousing) specialist.

Over 30 years of System Development from Requirement Analysis to Implementation, including Project Management and Information Management. Currently working for a solution company of Hitachi group in Japan, as a Data Modeling (including Data Warehousing) specialist.

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