And Other Duties As Assigned - Embracing New Roles to Grow in Your Enterprise
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  Tom Bilcze   Tom Bilcze
Lead Database Designer
Westfield Insurance


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Data modeler job descriptions conclude with “and other duties as assigned”. This catchall phrase groups necessary but seemingly mundane tasks. The smart modeler embraces other duties as assigned to remain relevant and grow in their enterprise. The savvy modeler leads in evolving their job to include non-traditional data modeler duties.

Data modelers are in the center of a data-centric world surrounded by rapidly growing and changing data assets. They are challenged to grow beyond traditional data modeling toolsets and duties. This session explores four necessary roles beyond data modeling and shares tips on leveraging the data modeling background for success.

  • The Police officer is vigilant in policing data in a sound and sensible manner.
  • The Firefighter prevents data from smoldering and igniting a firestorm in the business.
  • The Ace Reporter effectively communicates the data story.
  • The Counselor moderates and mitigates conflict in data design.

Tom is the Lead Database Designer at Westfield Group, a super-regional insurance, banking and financial services group of businesses headquartered in Westfield Center, Ohio. Tom has over 39 years of IT experience with 27 years in the Data Management arena. Tom is the President of the ERwin Data Modeler global user community. As a blogging data architect, Tom weighs in on data modeling and data management topics on his blog, Dangling Relationships.

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