Educating Future Data Scientists Online
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  Gwendolyn Britton   Gwendolyn S Britton
Executive Director, Online STEM Programs
Southern New Hampshire University


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The demand for data scientists and analysts has never been greater. Companies are collecting data faster and in greater volumes than ever before, giving executives and managers measurable insights into business performance that can be used to make smarter decisions.

Multiple institutions are responding to that demand with online education, creating courses, certificates of completion and entire degree programs. In fact, some of those institutions are partnering with private enterprise, such as IBM, to offer programs designed to prepare students for the much demanded jobs in analytics and business intelligence. Those who complete these programs and courses will be better positioned to provide more meaningful insights into decision making processes in multiple scenarios. For example, by partnering with data scientists, sports managers are more likely to prevent injuries, remain competitive, and more thoughtfully utilize athletic talent, while doctors and nurses can more readily identify patterns in symptoms by providing more rapid and appropriate treatment and diagnoses.

This presentation will outline strategies for developing and offering undergraduate and graduate programs in data analytics.

Attendees will learn about how institutions and organizations are aligning to create:

  • Content
  • Pedagogy
  • Tools
  • Assessments
  • Program outcomes that will position graduates to better meet the needs of employers for the emerging roles of data scientists of the 21st century.

Gwen has 20+ years of high education experience including curriculum development, faculty oversight, and teaching. Gwen currently serves as the Executive Director of Online Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs at Southern New Hampshire University. Her current role involves oversight of the student academic experience in the STEM Programs at SNHU's College of Online and Continuing Education. Lead student success efforts in these programs and collaborate with the other COCE teams including Advising, Marketing, Course Development, Outcomes and Assessment Quality Assurance, and Faculty Support ensuring high academic quality in the student programmatic experience. In addition to working with students and faculty at COCE, also collaborate with the Dean and faculty of SHNU's traditional campus ensuring quality programs. Her past experience includes Program Development for Information Technology, Teacher Education and Nursing Programs at Western Governor's University. In addition to her academic experience, Gwen has also worked as a software engineer.

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