Budgetary Approval for a Master Data Management Program
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  Vitaly Spektor   Vitaly Spektor
Director, MDM


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Step-by-step guide how to build a business case and get approval for MDM implementation.

  • Business Case
  • Background
  • Executive Summary
  • Economic Value
  • Summary
  • Deliverables

1. Project Scope & Plan

    a. Project Scope b. Stakeholder List c. Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities

2. Interview Findings

    a. Interview Summary b. Common Themes c. Outlier

3. Current State Assessment

    People Process Technology Data a. Current Organizational Model
      i. Organizational Char ii. Roles and Responsibilities
    b. Pain & Weak Points c. Technology & Data d. MDM Maturity Assessment

4. Future State Definition

    a. High Level Requirements b. Gap Analysis & Capabilities Assessment c. Future Organizational Model
      i. Organization Chart ii. Roles and Responsibilities
    d. Roadmap to the Future State e. Future State Presentation

5. Prioritized Implementation Roadmap

    a. Project Profiles and Roadmap Milestones b. Synchronize MDM Strategy with Enterprise BI Strategy c. Provide MDM Strategy and Roadmap to Enterprise BI as input to EBI strategy.

Creative, hands-on executive of Business Intelligence with consistent record of Master Data Management/Data Governance, Data Quality Measures, Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics to perform global data operations, regression modeling, “what-if” analysis, and activity-based management metrics to facilitate revenue growth and predict outcome of key business indicators. Expertise includes implementation of Continuous Analytics and Big Data to provide operational/web events analysis, fraud detection, and resource cost reduction. 19 year experience in requirements analysis, data transformation, load strategies, data sharing, data propagation, data mining, report design and query optimization. Expertise in gap analysis, capacity planning, resource utilization, budget management and forecasting.

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