Building a Foundational Data Program
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  William Brantly   William D. Brantly
Database Analyst
Wells Fargo


Tuesday, April 29, 2014
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Foundational Data represents key data domains that are used within and across various Lines of Business in an Organization and examples include: Customer, Product and Account data.

The Foundational Data Program has been setup to administer, develop and maintain the following categories of information within the aforementioned data domains:

  • Reference Data – Standard code sets
  • Master Data – Primary data requiring integration (Identifiers, Attributive Data)
  • Relationship Data – Hierarchy and Cross Domain relationships.

High Level Topics to be covered:

  • Program Partners
  • Architecture Framework
  • Processes
  • Scenarios

Since 1999, Bill Brantly has been an Information Architect for Wells Fargo specializing in Information Architecture, the development of an Enterprise Information Model and Information Management Strategies & Best Practices across the corporation using data and process modeling tools. He is currently involved in a Foundational Data Program for the bank which is focused on an MDM Repository of critical enterprise information as well as touch the areas of Data Governance & Stewardship, Data Architecture, Metadata, Data Quality and Data Integration. He has successfully designed and implemented solutions in the areas of risk management, contact management, customer grouping, a product repository and a financial profiling system.

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