Avoiding BI/DW Catastrophe
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  Paul Felix   Paul Brian Felix
Managing Partner
LeapFrogBI LLC


Thursday, May 1, 2014
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

The most common BI topics are about all of the exciting things people are doing with BI: Big Data! Predictive Analytics! Real Time Analytics! The second most common topic? The number of BI projects that are failures or disappointments.

Clearly Business Intelligence is not always living up to its potential. Alan and Paul have compiled over 35 years of joint experience to create a presentation focused on avoiding catastrophe—and achieve BI's potential—with an agile approach.

BI/DW project mistakes are presented in three categories each including both a process oriented and a development/technology oriented focus.

  • Strategy Focus
  • Agile Methodology
  • Settling for Less than Ideal

This presentation is packed full of real world experiences that practitioners from all corners of the data focused professions will undoubtedly relate to.

Paul has been focused on data driven decision improvement throughout his career. He has provided organizations across numerous verticals with the assets needed to turn raw information into knowledge capable of driving business success. Years of building data warehouses and ETL processes via traditional methods caused Paul to reassess the most costly and complex portion of a BI project, ETL, resulting in what is known today as the LeapFrogBI platform. When he is not knee deep in data, Paul loves to spend time with his wife, Amy, and their two boys Charles and Henry.

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